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Interpretation centre

Themuseumization of the INTERPRETATION CENTRE DINOSAURES DE FUMANYA entails thelast phase of the star project of the Ruta Minera Consortium. The project isset out around the open-pit mining of Fumanya, active between 1975 and 1986,which exposed an impressive palaeontological site with more than 3.500footprints of dinosaurs from more than 65 millions of years ago.
There is adirect relationship between dinosaurs and coal: they disappeared around 65 millionsof years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous, the period during which lignite wasformed, and the geomorphological formation of the Pyrenees placed in verticalposition what had been a river plain. This is the extraordinary relationshipbetween geology, mining and palaeontology: between the Pyrenees, dinosaurs andcoal.
The Fumanyasite, in the municipality of Fígols, was declared a Cultural Site of NationalInterest (BCIN) in 2014.

Interpretation centre
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